Tips for Renting a Passenger Van

Passenger Van Rental in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a popular city with a lot to see and do, and sometimes a standard car rental won't cut it if you're traveling with a group. Luckily, there are plenty of options for renting passenger vans in Los Angeles.

Benefits of Renting a Passenger Van

  • Room for a larger group
  • More comfortable ride
  • More storage space for luggage and equipment
  • Easier to navigate in traffic

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How to choose passenger van rental for group trip?

Tips for Choosing the Right Passenger Van Rental for Your Next Trip:

When selecting a passenger van for your group trip in Southern California or flying into Los Angeles airport LAX , several key considerations can significantly enhance your travel experience.
Firstly, assess the size of your group. Different vans accommodate varying numbers of passengers, so ensure that the chosen van comfortably accommodates everyone. The largest size is 15 passenger van transit high roof  with extra cargo. This not only ensures a more enjoyable jo....[Read More]

Ford Passenger Van Rental at LAX Airport:

This winter, treat yourself to the comfort and convenience of a Ford Passenger van at LAX airport!

With plenty of space for you and your traveling companions, the Ford Passenger van is the perfect choice for your next adventure.

Don't let the cold weather slow you down - the van's advanced heating system will keep everyone warm and cozy on even the chilliest of days.

1. Enjoy the Latest Technology

The Ford Passenger van at LAX airport is equipped with the latest technology to make your winter travel experience even more enjoy....[Read More]

15 Passenger Van Rental Los Angeles to Las Vegas:

The drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is filled with transformative landscapes that shift from urban sprawl to awe-inspiring natural wonders. One way passenger van rentals offer the freedom to traverse these changing sceneries at a leisurely pace, with the bonus of no return trip concerns. As the van rolls past the San Gabriel Mountains and plunges into the heart of the desert, passengers can partake in lively games, share stories, or simply relax to the rhythm of the road.
This journey is not just about moving between two points on a map; it’s an opportunity ....[Read More]

Advantage and Benefits of Renting a Passenger Van in Los Angeles Airport LAX:

Using a 15 passenger transit van can be advantageous for various reasons, depending on the specific needs of the users.
Here are some common reasons why people might rent a full size 12 passenger transit van or 15 passenger transit van in Los Angeles:


A) Group Transportation: The primary purpose of a 15 or 12 passenger van is to transport large groups of people. This can be beneficial for organizations, schools, churches, or other groups that need to move a significant number of individuals together.[Read More]

Looking for a spacious passenger van ride in California the Golden State?

Explore the breathtaking scenic drives of California in comfort and style with our spacious full-size passenger van. Discover the stunning landscapes along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) Route 1, from the vibrant city of San Francisco to the picturesque towns of Monterey, Big Sur, and Carmel, all the way down to the sunny shores of South Huntington Beach and Oceanside in San Diego. Capture unforgettable moments with your group as you enjoy a seamless round trip, free from the hassle of separate cars and cramped conditions. Say goodbye to worries about fuel costs and parking spots &n....[Read More]

Practical Option for Your Business Needs
When it comes to running a business that involves transporting goods, having the right vehicle is crucial. One of the most reliable and popular options is the Cargo Van Ford Transit. If you are looking for a dependable and practical cargo van for your business, the Cargo Van Ford Transit is an excellent choice. With its generous cargo space, versatility, and advanced safety features, it can help to streamline your business operations and make deliveries more efficient. ....[Read More]
15 Passenger Van Rental Los Angeles
Affordable, reliable, and spacious passenger vans are the perfect choice for your upcoming journey to Los Angeles. Make your travels memorable and bright with our premium 15-passenger Transit vans. We believe in providing quality service at an affordable price.....[Read More]
Come to visit Griffith Observatory:

Los Angeles has a wide range of attractions for tourist to explore and have fun. Griffith Observatory located in Griffith Park, the observatory offers stunning views of the city, Hollywood sign and the stars. Visitors can also explore the exhibits and planetarium shows. Admission to the building and grounds of Griffith Observatory is totally free.

Griffith Observatory

....[Read More]
Hassle-free Passenger Van Rental in LAX

Spread the holiday cheer with seamless Passenger Van Rental in Los Angeles international airport LAX.
Affordable, reliable, and spacious, our passenger vans are the perfect choice for a jolly journey.

....[Read More]
Choose LAX Van Rentals:

When choosing a van rental company in Los Angeles, it’s important to make sure that the company is flexible and willing to work with your rental needs. At US Van Rental, we pride ourselves on providing customers with a number of easy pick up and drop off options from/to Los Angeles airport LAX. We have a service that picks up and drops off customers who simply need a ride, and we also offer delivery and pick up services for our Los Angeles customers who are renting vans for their own use. US Van Rental will even deliver your rented van to whatever hotel you are staying at in LA to mak....[Read More]

Toyota Siena Minivan:

book our reliable Toyota Sienna minivan for your year-end celebrations. Make memories, not travel worries, with our top-notch rental services for 8 passenger minivan. Our rental service provides exceptional passenger van models that can accommodate up to 15 passengers. Lax van rentals also offers transit van rental services along with Minivan rental one way rental services to Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, and etc.

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Visiting Los Angeles’s Attractions by Passenger Van:

Los Angeles California is home to some of the world's most iconic tourist attractions. From the glitz of Hollywood to the golden sands of Venice Beach, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city.

If you're planning to explore Los Angeles's top attractions, renting full size 12 passenger van or 15 passenger van is an excellent way to do it. A full size 12 passenger van or 15 passenger van is perfect for families and large groups of friends who want to explore the city together. These vehicles are spacious and comfortable, providing plenty of ro....[Read More]

Free Parking at LAX Airport
LAX Van rentals now offers free parking to the local clients at Los Angeles airport LAX location. Just drive your own car, park your car in parking lot, get the passenger van with one page contract and when you return the rental car, drive back your own car. We make it easy and convenient for our van rental customers.....[Read More]
Minivan rental in Los Angeles airport LAX

LAX-Van-rentals now is offering affordable minivan rental in Los Angeles airport LAX.  Minivan rental from lax van rentals is perfect for a road trip or a private vacation. A minivan is ideal when you want space and comfort in a family car. We offer 8 passenger minivan rental available in Toyota Sienna or similar vehicles. The Toyota Sienna can usually get around 18 to 25 mpg. This minivan is very popular for its versatile center seat in the second row that folds up....[Read More]

Rent a Passenger Van with Driver in Los Angeles (LA)

Whether you are looking for a day’s trip to enjoy a visit to the Venice beach with friends or going to Las Vegas or San Francisco and you need a full size passenger van with driver in LA or LAX, just get in touch with LAX Van Rentals who have been providing passenger van rental service Los Angeles CA with driver and complete customer satisfaction for a long time now. You get a great experience when using our services.

We take pride in offering the widest variety of passenger van rental service Los Angeles CA that incl....[Read More]

Summer discount coupon for lax van rental Los Angeles service

Los Angeles is the amazing summer destination with well known beaches, famous attractions for tourist and perfect Mediterranean climate. Exploring all of the tourist destinations especially if you are heading to casino city Las Vegas or Grand Canyon by the Colorado river, requires the best self-drive passenger van rental Los Angeles service that can deliver full size passenger van to you at lax airport where you land and make you feel entertaining and joyful during your trip. 
Renting a comfortable and luxurious passenger van with lax van rentals help you explore each and every plac....[Read More]

Hire LAX Vans

Hire Passenger Van at Los Angeles International Airport LAX

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the diverse landscapes and attractions of California by renting a spacious 15 or 12 passenger van directly from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). With convenience, ample seating capacity, and flexibility, these vans offer the perfect mode of transportation for exploring the Golden State's iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Whether you're traversing the sun-kissed beaches of Southern California or venturing into the majestic redwoods ....[Read More]

Los Angeles Van Rentals

Rent Van Los Angeles online to enjoy comfortable traveling

Are you bored of your daily routine? Want a break from your hectic schedule? Want to spend some quality time with your family or friends? If so, then you should think about visiting Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the wonderful holiday destination well known as a land of dreams and famous for its cuisines and natural beauty. This place has lots of amazing tourist destinations including casinos, shopping malls, tourist places, and off course, the best night life. But exploring all of the tourist destinations requires the best <....[Read More]